Fortuna Private View


Reflections on Fortuna Private View

Artists: Ben Bell, Edward Bullinger, Dan Brown, Annie Brundrit, Daniel Clegg, Nicholas Denney, Mary Littlefield, Rupert Mallin, Mandy Rogers, Helen Wells                        Dancers: AbbyPage, Xenoula Eleftheriades

A great atmosphere and element of risk bringing together artists and dancers who hadn’t worked with each other before. The dance piece ‘Marking Time’ choreographed by Abby Page and Xenoulagh Eleftheriades  ignited the energy in this huge underground space. To find out more about them go to or The black and white images are from the film installation, featuring dancers who performed live at the Private View.

Audience participation, after the performance was lively too.

Below are some images of my work in the show. I wanted to make pieces which would inhabit the space like some kind of subterranean life form, appearing at home in this huge, damp underground space.


If you missed the private view there is still time to see the show which is on until 22nd April, with two experimental drawing workshops happening on 7th and 12th April,  10am – 2pm, and a dance workshop on 11 April. See the above links to check out details for dance workshop.

More images from the exhibition.