Solo shows

Nunns Yard Norwich “Fragment” October 2017

Wymondham Arts Centre 2015

Contact Gallery, Norwich

Westhill College, Birmingham

Midland Art Centre, Birmingham

Glover Street Studios, Birmingham ‘

Selected Group Exhibitions and Awards

Eastern Open, Kings Lynn Sandford Drawing Prize joint winner

Edinburgh QMUC

Edinburgh College of Art

Dean Clough Centre, Halifax MA show

Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham ‘Through the Looking Glass’

Metropolitan Gallery Tokyo

Blue Art Gallery, San Francisco

Birmingham George Jackson Travelling Fellowship Birmingham

Midland Open 25 ,2nd Prize

Large Mural on ITU ward East Birmingham Hospital

Collaborative projects

Creative Working Lives – Instigated and facilitated, Time and Tide Great Yarmouth and Anteros Arts Centre, Norwich. 2015 -2016

Pomegranate: Annual events and installation 2010-2017 Norwich Fringe, Open studios, Wymondham Arts Centre, Norwich Playhouse.

Collaboration with Flamenco Dancer Liz Lee, Norwich Fringe Festival

St Peter Parmentergate Church, Norwich Fringe Festival ‘

Moonlight Story’ 30’ drawing for premier performance of music composed by Dimitri Smirnov Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Eastern Arts