A facilitator of experimental and improvisatory dialogue, Mandy Rogers work  has roots in the traditions of drawing, and many years of working as a therapist. She explores the way language and identity straddle past and present. Interested in how we continually recreate ourselves and our stories within a cultural context, Rogers believes in keeping dialogue open as a form of creative resistance to a world which she sees as increasingly  polarised.

Born in Nairobi, she moved to the U K when she was seven years old. Since then art has been a constant resource for reflecting on identity, separation and cultural change, all of which have been central to her art and her practice as a psychotherapist.

Having recently ventured into creative writing, she has used this as an opportunity to explore a relationship between the written and the visual.

Her current work is inspired by ‘The Feeling of What Happens’ a book by the neurologist Antonio Damasio who explores the human body and mind as a self regulating system. What resonates for Mandy is the relationship between word, image, feeling and consciousness. A relational energy is what she is interested in, across human, non human; past, present; mind, body; word and image. Assembling fragments of words, image and form, she hopes to create a visceral connection, and a narrative, which is extended, regulated and colored by experience and perception.